Full-time focus

Today marks the beginning of my full-time focus on Vizual Outcomes (now Viztric).  After four years leading the Knowledge Management team at Seattle Children’s I decided it was time to get back to my services roots.

At Children’s I led a team that did exceptional work improving how information is delivered to the organization resulting in improved safety and care for our patients.   My team led all analytical reporting responsibilities for the organization supporting hospital operations, research, finance and supply chain.   We built a robust platform that transformed Children’s from standard operational reports and Excel spreadsheets into robust, highly visual and interactive tools.

I love using Tableau and finding new ways to help convert complex data into simple, meaningful visuals that help leaders make informed, fact-based decisions.  I love doing this so much that I decided to make it my full-time pursuit.  I look forward to helping make this same transformation in other organizations.

Watch this blog for more updates on great health-focused visualizations and other updates as I begin this adventure.



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